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Nick's Pizza & Pub - Chicago Lincoln Square

I struggle with how to express my sadness.  Since 2004 I have dreamed of bringing my restaurant, and all the things we do as company to the northside of Chicago where I grew up.  And now, one year after we opened here in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, I have to announce we are closing – our last day of business will be Sunday Nov. 4th.  This is a great community, I really enjoyed meeting and serving all the great people here.  We have been blessed with a great team to work with, all of which have worked hard and contributed to our success.  We just haven’t reached enough people to bring in enough sales for the size of this restaurant and rent we need to pay this landlord.  I only have myself to blame for this failure, and the financial choices I took a risk on here were too optimistic.

We have been losing money here from day one, and if we don’t close here we jeopardize the other two restaurants we have in the suburbs.  Thank you – each and every person who showed up at Nick’s in Lincoln Square.  And most of all thank you to the team here!

Warmest regards, Nick Sarillo

We are a family and kids-friendly restaurant serving award-winning thin-crust Chicago pizza any way you want it – in our dining room, or through carry out or delivery! Book your next Special Event with us or place a Catering order!

Chicago thin-crust pizza is at the center of our menu!

What puts the “special” in Nick’s Pizza & Pub pizzas?

 A bit in every bite. The generous portions of toppings are spread out evenly all over the pizza, so that each bite gets the full flavor profile. We put 60 pieces of sausage on a 14” pizza!

Veggies on top. We slice, not dice, vegetables, and put them on top. This allows us to load on more veggies, and to cook the vegetables through, not serve them half-raw.

Fresh, fresh, fresh. Everything that goes into our pizzas is fresh, never frozen. We make the dough and sauce daily in the restaurants.

Tradition. Our sausage has been made by Fabbri, a well-known Chicago factory, with the same recipe, only for Nick’s, for the last 50 years. Likewise, the dough and sauce recipes have been in the family for the same 50 years.

Quality. We use only the best 100% skim-milk mozzarella cheese, and we’ve never changed our supplier. No matter how prices fluctuate, we won’t sacrifice quality for cost.

Pride you can taste! The well-trained team takes pride in what they do, and guests can see it and taste it in the finished product!

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Nick’s Pizza & Pub is great at fundraisers! We are extremely involved in the communities we serve, and will be happy to support your group. We will donate 25% of the net sales generated from flyers handed in on the date of your Fundraiser (excluding tax and alcohol). Learn more here.

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