Pizza de Fiesta

May’s Pizza of the Month

Can you believe it – this is the 27th Pizza of the Month!

Every single month we bring to your table a new story, a new flavor, a new Pizza of the Month. Some of them were invented by our guests, some by our team members. This month our Carry Out host in Crystal Lake shared her favorite pizza; we tried and loved it, too! Everything starts with our authentic Chicago thin crust, then we added taco sauce, freshly grilled chicken, house made bruschetta, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, green onions and some jalapeños (if you wish 🌶). If you have a good topping combination, please share!



Submit your potential pizza of the month at . If we pick you, you’ll be featured on our monthly flyer and will earn some free pizza to boot!

We hope to see you soon:

Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Crystal Lake

Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Elgin

Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Chicago – Lincoln Square 

Only in May, and only at Nick’s!