Nick’s Super Bowl Special

Super Bowl Sunday – For many, it’s an unofficial holiday. A “holiday” built around pure entertainment and the perfect excuse to spend a day in a crowded living room huddled around a TV with your family and closest friends. Whether you watch it for the game, the commercials, as part of a yearly tradition or could honestly care less about any of it, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest events in our nation’s culture.

Last year we started our own tradition and opened both our restaurants for Carryout and Delivery. We’re excited to continue that tradition this year! Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with The Nick’s Experience (The same great food and service you’ve come to expect when dining in our restaurant) from the comfort of your very own home. We want those of you hosting a Super Bowl party to be able to enjoy the company of your guests rather than spending the entire day in the kitchen like it’s Thanksgiving all over again.

Take advantage of the great Super Bowl Special that we’ve put together for February 2 or check out our Catering Party Packages!

Our Super Bowl Carryout & Delivery Special serves 5-7 and includes: 

2 Large, One-Topping Thin Crust Pizzas
1 Order of Moose Wings (10 count)
1 Order of Beer Nuggets

ALL FOR JUST $34.99! 

Call Crystal Lake at (815) 356-5550 and Elgin at (847) 531-5550 to place your order.

Just a reminder: Our dining room will be closed all day on Super Bowl Sunday and Carryout and Delivery will be open from 3-8pm.